Slab Settlement Solutions


Concrete slabs, sidewalks, and patios can shift and settle not only resulting in hazardous walking conditions, but can also lead to more damage to your foundation. You can trust that United Dynamics, Inc. has the training and experience necessary to raise your concrete back as close to the original elevation as possible.


  • Sloping Slabs and Patios
  • Uneven Sidewalks


  • Water Erosion – Improper grading or placement of downspouts can direct surface water under concrete slabs carrying supporting soils away.
  • Poor Compaction – Untamped soils will settle over time allowing concrete slabs to sink.
  • Breakdown of Organic Material – Poor fill material such as plants or construction debris will settle over time allowing concrete slabs to sink.


Pressure Grouting:

Holes are drilled through the concrete in appropriate locations. Grout is then pumped into each hole. When the grout fills the void underneath the concrete, even pressure is applied raising it back to its original position.

Helical Slab Brackets:

In conjunction with pressure grouting, a helical pier is driven through the settling soil. After reaching refusal, a bolt is adjusted through a cup fitting on top of the anchor enabling the channel to lift the floor.

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